Celebration... SOHO Style  

It's all smiles again around the offices of the SOHO FOT.  After the recovery was complete there was time for relaxing, socializing and a little celebration. Click on any thumbnail for a full-size JPEG image.

Lets Get The Party Started... ... Yea! It's Time To Have Some Fun...
Bud, The Engineers.... And Carrie Too... Have Reaquired The Sun!

We're Done Already? Not Yet!
Now Off To The Charthouse In Annapolis Maryland For The Recovery Dinner.

Anyone Hungry? Me, Me, Me!! Sober Table Here! Hmmmm, What..?
Wow, Nice Place! Hmmm, What..? SOHO Cheers!
Another Happy Table... We're Ordering More I Love This Place.
Don't Forget Me, Kimberly! We Still Have Our SOHO... Here's The Proof!

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