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Outreach Spotlight

Solar Exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in the U.K. (April 2010)

The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England, has developed a new exhibition on the Sun called Solar Story: understanding the Sun. It opened in February and runs until May 9, 2010. The exhibit features a "Secrets of the Sun" planetarium show and a host of other events, including solar observing, several lectures, and workshops on solar related themes.


They describe their own exhibit thusly: "An exhibition of striking images telling the story of our attempts to understand the nature of the Sun and its effects on Earth. From early observations, via key work carried out at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich and on to the latest discoveries from NASA's fleet of spacecraft, this exhibition investigates changing answers to questions about the size, structure, life-cycle and energy source of our nearest star, on which all life on Earth depends."

You can see an overview of the exhibit, links, and features here.

The Online Gallery features numerous images from SOHO and STEREO and a 3D solar movie from STEREO. Gallery topics include: Just an average star, Measuring the Sun, Observing the Sun, the power of the Sun, and the Sun and Earth.

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