16 October 2021 - Mission Day: 9451 - DOY: 289
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Expanding solar clouds (July 24, 2009)

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The HI-1 instrument on STEREO (Ahead) observed as barely visible streams and occasional clouds of solar particles head away from the Sun. The video clip suggests a generally quiet level of solar activity, with a steady streaming of solar particles and three faint clouds that are expanding as they cross the field of view (July 11-18, 2009). The sources of those clouds most likely are small solar storms. The HI-1 instruments on each of the two STEREO spacecraft are wide-angle visible-light imagers that can detect the passage of solar coronal mass ejections (CMEs) through the heliosphere. Each HI instrument has a 20¡ field of view and is off-pointed from the Sun direction by 14.0¡. These are one pair of NASA's space weather watchdogs.


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