Measurements of Frequencies of Solar Oscillations from the MDI medium-l Program

by E.J. Rhodes, Jr., A.G. Kosovichev, P.H. Scherrer, J. Schou & J. Reiter

Fig. 1a: Mode frequencies. The multiplet frequencies determined from the MDI 144-day observing run using the averaged-spectrum method are shown as the small blue dots. Ridge-fit frequencies determined with the averaged-spectrum method as applied to entire p-mode ridges rather than individual modal peaks are shown as the red dots along the extensions of the ridges toward higher degrees and frequencies. The formal frequency uncertainties obtained from the averaged-spectrum method are superimposed upon both the modal and ridge-fit frequencies in yellow. For frequencies below 5 mHz the frequency uncertainties of the modal fits were multiplied by a factor of 1000 before being plotted. For frequencies greater than 5 mHz the uncertainties of the ridge fits were multiplied by 100 instead. The uncertainties of the ridge fits below 5 mHz were not modified. This figure may be compared with the m-averaged spectrum shown in Fig.1b.
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