Measurements of Frequencies of Solar Oscillations from the MDI medium-l Program

by E.J. Rhodes, Jr., A.G. Kosovichev, P.H. Scherrer, J. Schou & J. Reiter

Fig. 1d: A Medium-l Dopplergram that is binned with Gaussian weights on a square 5x5-pixel grid as described by Kosovichev et al. (1996). The Medium-l Program of the SOI/MDI experiment is dedicated to the nearly-continuous monitoring of the Doppler velocity field of the visible solar hemisphere. The Medium-l data are transmitted though the low-rate (5 kbps) telemetry channel of SOHO. It is this relatively low bit rate which limits the spatial resolution of the Medium-l observations. This low data rate also requires that some initial processing of the original 1024x1024-pixel CCD full-disk Dopplergrams be carried out on board the MDI instrument.
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