First View of the Extended Green-Line Emission Corona at Solar Activity Minimum Using the LASCO-C1 Coronagraph on SOHO

by R. Schwenn, B. Inhester, S.P. Plunkett, A. Epple, B. Podlipnik, D.K. Bedford, M.V. Bout, G.E. Brueckner, K.P. Dere, C.J. Eyles, R.A. Howard, M.J. Koomen, C.M. Korendyke, P.L. Lamy, A. Llebaria, D.J. Michels, J.D. Moses, N.E. Moulton, S.E. Paswaters, G.M. Simnett, D.G. Socker, O.C. St. Cyr, S.J. Tappin, and D. Wang

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