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EOF/EAF Overview

The requirement for NASA to provide suitable space for the SOHO experimenters is being implemented by two separate facilities at Goddard Space Flight Center - --the Experiment Operations Facility (EOF) and the Experiment Analysis Facility (EAF).

The operations area (EOF) will consist of approximately 3200 square feet of space in Building 3. This space is contiguous to the SoHO Mission Operations Control Center where the Flight Operations Team works. The EOF is composed of a large Common Area with conference table where planning meetings and joint operations can occur, and individual office space for the following groups: Project Scientists, Science Operations Coordinator and ECS hardware, EIT, LASCO, UVCS, SUMER, CDS, and MDI-GOLF.

The EOF is the location for:

Because there is insufficient space in the EOF to house all of the personnel for the resident experiment teams, additional space in Building 26 has been provided to SOHO. Modular workspace will be available for resident PI team members and for visiting scientists and engineers. The Building 26 space will be shared with the Solar Data Analysis Center (SDAC) and with other elements of the ISTP program, and it will include a conference area. A high capacity data communications link between the EOF and the EAF is being implemented, but real-time experiment operations will not take place from the EAF.

The EAF is the location for:

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