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Incoming data requirements

Realtime data captured by Pacor, including normal scientific data, MDI magnetogram data, and spacecraft housekeeping data, will be routed to the EOF with minimum processing delay following receipt at the ground station, and transferred to the Investigator workstations.

Playback data will be captured by the GSFC Pacor data processing facility and routed to the EOF within two hours of their receipt by that facility. These data will include both scientific data packets and spacecraft housekeeping packets, but will not include all of the preprocessing and quality checking operations performed by the DDF in producing Level-0 distribution data products.

The real-time data and playback data will be stored for up to 7 days after their time of origin. A map of received data packets will be maintained to allow IWS to determine whether to initiate downloads of recently arrived data.

Retransmissions will be arranged for playback data lost due to problems with the network, Pacor, or ECS elements; the resulting delay will be determined by the location and severity of the problem, as well as the availability of network bandwidth.

Experiment data files including the Level-0 scientific and housekeeping data packets from both real-time and playback telemetry, definitive orbit and attitude data files, command history files, and summary data of daily key parameters will be available to the EOF as distribution data. The DDF-produced data products will be distributed to each Project-approved Investigator and Institution on a regular basis (frequency to be determined).

POCC page displays will be provided to the EOF via dedicated display systems. In order for PI teams to be able to monitor instrument performance in near real-time, these remote displays will include all POCC housekeeping display pages and a display of the POCC command buffer page. In addition, a message window facility will allow error-free communication of command requests between the EOF and the FOT in the POCC.

Data from other observatories, both ground-based and space-based, will be received by the EOF and subsequently stored for access by the Investigators.

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