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Support requirements

EOF staff will normally support a 10-hour operating day, during both regular and campaign (i.e. 24-hour real-time contact) periods. Normal operations will be synchronized with local daytime at NASA Goddard. Sufficient staff should be available to support 7-day-a-week operations.

Four classes of support staff are required for the operation of the EOF: science operations, SMOCC coordination, computer administration, and EOF administration.

The SOC who is not a member of any instrument team will be responsible for ensuring the success of the scientific operation of the SOHO mission by executing the decisions of the PS, the SWT, and the regular SOT planning meetings chaired by the SOL.

A system administration team will ensure around-the-clock operation of ECS systems, including interfaces with the IWSs, SMOCC, Pacor, DDF, etc.; telecommanding and telemetry capabilities for the PI teams; EOF-wide e-mail facilities; and EOF-wide time service. In addition, the system administration team will ensure the operation of the PS's and SOC's WS; maintain the various databases and catalogs on the ECS file server; manage any other common ECS hardware elements (e.g. shared hardcopy capability); be responsible for maintenance calls on all ECS hardware and software elements, routine backup and recovery, and system configuration documentation.

An administrative assistant to the PS will aid the personnel working at the EOF in clerical support, access to GSFC resources, security (especially for international visitors), travel arrangements, and interfacing with Project, GSFC, and NASA administration.

Sufficient office support facilities are required to support the EOF. This includes a dedicated voice/data line to the SMOCC, data communications links with external networks, telephone and fax support with international direct dialing capability at all times, copying machine, and dedicated conference room with projection equipment.

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