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The following table provides the proposed combination of the required sequence parts of different instruments. Three basic observing regimes, planned for the CDS and SUMER instruments (SUMER CDS alignment; "Dynamics diagnostics"; "Density diagnostics"), should be started roughly at the same time at the beginning of observations ! The MDI, EIT and TRACE measurements could also start at the same time, but definitely their measurements must start not later than the "dynamics diagnostics".

The MDI and EIT observing modes should be identical during the whole duration of the proposed run. For the TRACE it is supposed to run the main sequence part during both, the "alignment SUMER CDS" and "dynamics diagnostics" observations. The TRACE secondary part is scheduled to start after the end of the main part.

It would be welcome to obtain long observing time for MDI and TRACE runs to have a possibility to map the evolution of the atmosphere over a longer time interval.

Table 7: SOHO TRACE schedule of observations.

Luis Sanchez Duarte
Thu Apr 22 10:19:16 EDT 1999