18 September 2021 - Mission Day: 9423 - DOY: 261
SOHO and the 2008 Eclipse

Expeditions and other ground-based observations

  • Williams College Eclipse Expedition to Siberia (near Novosibirsk). POC: Jay Pasachoff.
  • Expedition to Siberia (near Byisk). POC: Serge Koutchmy.
  • Expedition to China. POC: Alphonse Sterling (NASA/MSFC). Sterling — with assistance from Samaiyah Farid and Antonia Savcheva (SAO) — obtained photographs of totality in white light from Jinta, Gansu Province, China.
  • Possible comet detections in the field of view of STEREO. POC: Alan Hale.

Supporting observations

During this eclipse SOHO has just entered a keyhole period and SOHO will not be in contact with ground station until 14:35 UT (3 h 14 min after the end of the eclipse). Due to the length of the gap in contact with the spacecraft and the need to minimize the risk of the observational data from the duration of the eclipse being lost, the data will not be completely downlinked until approximately 02:30 UT on 2 Aug 2008.

The spacecraft will be in submode 6 during the eclipse. Following SOHO instruments are planning to support the ground-based eclipse observations:


Observational details are here. Please note, that the choice of target may be influenced by Hinode-EIS' chosen pointing. See also the CDS planning and pointings pages.


Due to SOHO being in keyhole and in a gap of contact with the ground during the eclipse, EIT will not move its sector wheel and hence will only observe at a single wavelength (195 Å). Details of EIT/LASCO observations are here.

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