Note: These dates may change slightly and are only to be taken as
guidelines for e.g. scheduling of observing campaigns etc. Please
contact the SOHO Science Operations Coordinators in case you have

In general, for each keyhole, data losses will almost certainly occur
between the last and first full days of high rate on 34m stations
(i.e. the "34m keyholes"). Data losses are less likely (but cannot be
excluded) in the adjacent "26m keyholes" (between last full day of
high rate on 26m and last full day of high rate on 34m, and first full
day of high rate on 34m and first full day of high rate on 26m).

                         [------  34m keyhole  ------]
      Last FULL DAY        Last day          First day      First FULL DAY
      w/high rate 26m   w/high rate 34m   w/high rate 34m   w/high rate 26m 
2004    15-Mar-04         19-Mar-04         03-Apr-04         07-Apr-04
        16-Jun-04         19-Jun-04         30-Jun-04         03-Jul-04
        12-Sep-04         17-Sep-04         01-Oct-04         05-Oct-04
        12-Dec-04         16-Dec-04         26-Dec-04         30-Dec-04
2005    02-Mar-05         10-Mar-05         24-Mar-05         01-Apr-05
        05-Jun-05         09-Jun-05         20-Jun-05         25-Jun-05
        30-Aug-05         06-Sep-05         22-Sep-05         29-Sep-05
        02-Dec-05         06-Dec-05         17-Dec-05         21-Dec-05
2006    21-Feb-06         28-Feb-06         16-Mar-06         22-Mar-06
        26-May-06         31-May-06         11-Jun-06         15-Jun-06
        20-Aug-06         28-Aug-06         13-Sep-06         20-Sep-06
        23-Nov-06         27-Nov-06         08-Dec-06         12-Dec-06
2007    12-Feb-07         19-Feb-07         06-Mar-07         13-Mar-07
        17-May-07         21-May-07         01-Jun-07         06-Jun-07
        11-Aug-07         18-Aug-07         03-Sep-07         10-Sep-07
        14-Nov-07         18-Nov-07         29-Nov-07         03-Dec-07
2008    04-Feb-08         11-Feb-08         25-Feb-08         02-Mar-08
        06-May-08         10-May-08         22-May-08         27-May-08
        01-Aug-08         08-Aug-08         23-Aug-08         30-Aug-08
        03-Nov-08         08-Nov-08         19-Nov-08         24-Nov-08