Mercury 1999 Transit

Mercury Transit

Basic Information

Mercury will transit the corona off-limb as seen from SOHO. The closest approach to the limb will be ~ 92.64 arc seconds. Mercury's closest angular approach to the Sun will be 1999/11/15 21:42:02 UTC. ( ~ 52 hours before predicted Leonids peak). As seen from Earth, the transit occurs from 21:16 - 22:07 UT.

Instrument Plans

SOHO Coordinate Information

Updated plot showing the path of Mercury with respect to EIT field-of-view

SOHO coordinates below in the GSE RLP frame. Time is UTC. The states are in X,Y,Z, Vx, Vy, Vz order in units of km and km/sec. At these epochs SOHO is just a few days or so beyond an RLP XZ plane crossing and well south--about 133,000 km--of the ecliptic plane.

Date UT X Y Z Vx Vy Vz
15 Nov 21:42:02 -1648672.29816972 92255.1851377898 -133113.471081426 0.0330075270761128 0.263128310102147 0.00583647722778836
16 Nov 12:00:00 -1646907.34168360 105813.994957988 -132788.948384268 0.0355350554414882 0.263632125667866 0.00676981113747941

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