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OCD #DateTitle of OCDPass Plan Status
1######Wait for Thermal Expert Go-Ahead before YImplemented (1-Dec) during k_posadthst
activation of substitution heaters monitoring(Post-SAD Thermal Procedures)
22-Dec-95To Recover SSU-SEU with a different magnitude YImplemented 2-Dec
threshold, to try to avoid further SEU, hopefully
31-Dec-95Celias Heaters ControlYWithdrawn. Replaced by OCD #59.
Keep Temperatures within Limits.
Support outgassing.
Required Day 10 to 23.
41-Dec-95SWAN - Change substitution heater duty cycle.YOn-Hold
To achieve SWAN switch-on temperature.
Required by Day 4.
51-Dec-95UVCS Thermal ConditioningYImplemented 4-Dec. but UVCS not deployed.
To prevent Instrument damage.
Required Post-MCC1.
61-Dec-95MDI substitution heater ON, if too cold.YOn-Hold
To prevent low temperature.
Required at MDI turn-on.
72-Dec-95Update of TC Watchdog valueYSee OCD #85
In case of link loss, we would need to wait 48 hrs for COMS back-up
8A3-Dec-95Recover from SH monitoring ReconfigurationYImplemented 3-Dec.
Establish our failure tolerance
8B3-Dec-95CDS: Duty Cycle Update for Heater CDS 1YImplemented 3-Dec.
COBS Channel 62
93-Dec-95FDF requested Star Mapping (Not currently in script)YImplemented 3-Dec.
To obtain better attitude solution (current mapping is old)
103-Dec-95CEPAC: Duty Cycle Update for HeaterYImplemented 3-Dec.
112-Dec-95GOLF: Start Heater (or individually controlled Sub Heater) ... and/or change its T1, T2NImplemented 3-Dec
122-Dec-95GOLF: Start Heater ( or individually controlled Sub Heater) ... and/or change its T1, T2NImplemented 3-Dec.
133-Dec-95FDF-Requested New Star Mapping at Threshold 8YImplemented 3-Dec.
143-Dec-95SUMER: Duty Cycle Update for Heater..."SUMER TDC" (Nominal) Channel 76YImplemented 4-Dec
153-Dec-95No Disabling of SSU_SEU at RMW Entry & During SLEWYImplemented 3-Dec.
164-Dec-95Execute ESR RecoveryYImplemented 4-Dec.
174-Dec-95No Disabling of SSU_SEU Monitoring (cont'd)YObserving while we continue. Procs not changed.
184-Dec-95Change the Current Guide Star to a Star NTo be Permanently Considered/Applied
Brighter than Mv=7
194-Dec-952nd SEU RecoveryYImplemented 4-Dec.
To recover SSU_SEU with a magnitude
threshold of Mv=7
204-Dec-95UVCS and MDI: Change of filter value for YImplemented 4-Dec.
experiment monitoring.
Potential reconfiguration in case of one single
acquisition failure.
214-Dec-95Experiment Monitoring Filter Value ModificationYImplemented 5-Dec.
(Exp_Prep_on & K_Exp_Mon_Ena)
224-Dec-95Enable PLM Thermal MonitoringYImplemented 5-Dec.
234-Dec-95Reset the SSR Register Dedicated to StatisticsYImplemented 5-Dec. (On-going also).
245-Dec-95Enabling of COBS SSU_SEU Standard Monitoring
Channels 24/25.YImplemented 5-Dec.
255-Dec-95TC Watchdog Set to 12 HoursYImplemented 5-Dec.
265-Dec-95MDI: Variation and Correction in Heater Turn-OnYImplemented 5-Dec.
275-Dec-95SUMER: Duty Cycle Update for Heater - YImplemented 5-Dec.
Sub Heater N (Channel 82)
285-Dec-95SWAN: Removal of Some SWAN ProceduresYImplemented 6-Dec.
for Flight
295-Dec-95ACU Watchdog Protection DisableYImplemented 5-Dec.
305-Dec-95Thruster Cat Bed Temperature LimitsYDatabase - Permanent Change Needed.
315-Dec-95VIRGO: Switch-ONYImplemented 5-Dec.
325-Dec-95CEPAC: Change Parameters in ProcedureYImplemented 5-Dec.
Adjust ESU operational heater thermal control
335-Dec-95CEPAC: Substitution Heater Off/ CEPAC OnYImplemented 6-Dec.
345-Dec-95Star Threshold SelectionYImplemented 5-Dec.
355-Dec-95Change of Branch PT Temperature Lower LimitYDatabase - Permanent Change Needed.
365-Dec-95UVCS: Switch UVCS to Redundant SideYImplemented 5-Dec.
375-Dec-95GOLF: "TS" STOL DeletionNImplemented 5-Dec
385-Dec-95Procedure Change: a_min_off_verNProcedure MOCR'ed
396-Dec-95SUMER: Substitution Heater N (Channel 82)YImplemented 6-Dec.
406-Dec-95GOLF: Delete All Substitution Heaters YImplemented 7-Dec.
Commands from GOLF Procedures
416-Dec-95GOLF: Delete Daily Pulse Sending into GOLF YImplemented 7-Dec.
PWRON Procedures
426-Dec-95SSU Background Level Determination with YImplemented 7-Dec.
Star of Mv=3
436-Dec-95MDI TSTOL CorrectionsYImplemented 9-Dec.
446-Dec-95LASCO/EIT: Request for TM Submode 2 duringYNeed by 7-Dec and 8-Dec.
LASCO/EIT Commissioning
456-Dec-95CEPAC: Add 2 Upload Commands in YImplemented 7-Dec.
Procedure h_fl_etcainit
467-Dec-95SUMER: Method of Substitution Heater Switch-OnYImplemented 9-Dec.
477-Dec-95SUMER: Delete Commands from ProcedureYImplemented 8-Dec.
487-Dec-95MDI: Enable MDI Over Thermal ControlYImplemented 7-Dec. Need to MOCR Proc and
Monitoringremove p@. Add mnemonic to CfgMon.
497-Dec-95Tape Recorder Switch-On. Record/Dump andYPlanned for 12-Dec. Ready for Implementation.
Verification of TR Thermal Behaviour over
5 hour Record/ 3 hour Dump
507-Dec-95Dump of Min/Max Monitoring Data and ResetYImplemented 8-Dec and then Everyday
517-Dec-95CELIAS: Start or Modify Thermal MonitoringYImplemented 7-Dec.
for Channel... COBS Channel # 64 (CTOF)
528-Dec-95LASCO: Cycle Power to LASCONImplemented 8-Dec.
538-Dec-95SSR: Turn SSR in Record Mode during Day 342YImplemented 8-Dec.
548-Dec-95SSR Statistics Reset (Saturation of Counter)YOn-Going as Needed
Also see OCD # 23
558-Dec-95Transponder Locking YPlanned Implementation 11-Dec and As-Needed.
(Omni-Coverage Redundancy)Revised OCD Received 11-Dec.
568-Dec-95SUMER: Power-OnYImplemented 9-Dec.
(In order to find out the thermal
configuration of SUMER, early switch-on is
578-Dec-95New SSU Star Mapping for Noise CharacterizationYImplemented 9-Dec. Apply Permanently.
589-Dec-95SUMER: Raise SUMER T4 LimitYImplemented 9-Dec.
599-Dec-95CELIAS: Heaters ControlWithdrawn. Replaced by OCD #82.
609-Dec-95CDS: Modify TSTOL c_fl_emerofYImplemented 11-Dec.
619-Dec-95CDS: Modify TSTOL c_fl_safeYImplemented 11-Dec.
629-Dec-95CDS: Modify CDS Block A Activity SequenceYImplemented 11-Dec.
639-Dec-95LASCO/EIT: Request for NRT YImplemented 9-Dec.
649-Dec-95LASCO: Adjust Yellow and Red Limits onYImplemented 9-Dec.
LASCO Thermistors
659-Dec-95CEPAC: Block 4 UpdateYReady for Implementation 11-Dec.
Put ESU into Standby Mode before and after
669-Dec-95EIT: CCD Temperature CorrectionYImplemented 9-Dec.
Request for NRT
679-Dec-95CEPAC: Update TSTOL Procedure h_fl_ftcYProcedure MOCR'ed 9-Dec.
689-Dec-95SUMER: Duty Cycle Update for Heater Channel 82YImplemented 9-Dec.
699-Dec-95SUMER: Switch-On Additional SUMER Sub-UnitsYImplemented 9-Dec.
7010-Dec-95VIRGO: Duty Cycle Update for HeaterYNeeded by 15-Dec.
7110-Dec-95VIRGO: Duty Cycle Update for HeaterYNeeded by 15-Dec.
7210-Dec-95CELIAS: Turn On Script CorrectionsYImplemented 11-Dec.
7310-Dec-95MDI: Test MDI-M ModeYImplemented 10-Dec.
7410-Dec-95MDI: Modifications to MDI CommissioningYImplemented 10-Dec. Need ESA Signature.
Block 2.1
7510-Dec-95MDI: Re-Enable IP Macro QueueYImplemented 9-Dec.
7610-Dec-95MDI: Diagnosing Failure of M_TAP ProcedureYWithdrawn by MDI.
7710-Dec-95MDI: Correct IP 4X4 1rbin Instruction in Queue YImplemented 10-Dec.
7810-Dec-95MDI: Reset Image ProcessorYImplemented 10-Dec.
7910-Dec-95MDI: Reset IP and Dump Macro Queue and RegisterYImplemented 10-Dec.
8011-Dec-95SUMER: Request for NRT Thermal AdjustmentYImplemented 11-Dec.
8111-Dec-95LASCO: Start or Modify Thermal Monitoring YImplemented 11-Dec.
for Channel... LASCO/EIT CCS Clear Cycle
8211-Dec-95CELIAS: Turn-on ScriptYReady for Implementation.
8311-Dec-95Change Trigger Level of SSU_SEU MonitoringYImplemented 11-Dec. Must be done each time ACU
in ACU S/Wis rebooted.
8411-Dec-95LASCO: COB Legs - Preliminary AdjustmentsYImplemented 11-Dec.
8511-Dec-95TC Watchdog Value Modification (24 hours)YImplemented 11-Dec.
8611-Dec-95CEPAC: Run ESU Commissioning Earlier thanYImplemented 11-Dec.
8711-Dec-95MDI: Complete Portions of IP CheckYPlanned for 11-Dec.
8811-Dec-95LASCO: COB Legs - Preliminary AdjustmentNSame as OCD #84. Will need to be run several
times over the next several days.
8911-Dec-95MDI: Correct MDI Limit Checking on POCC.NTemporary Change.
9011-Dec-95CEPAC: Switch Off LIONNImplemented 11-Dec.
9112-Dec-95Switch Off LCL's for Redundant TRSP and HPAYImplemented 12-Dec.
9212-Dec-95SUMER: Provide Adequate Venting Time for SUMERNImplemented 12-Dec.
9312-Dec-95UVCS: Heater AdjustNImplemented 12-Dec.
9413-Dec-95COBS Anomaly Table Dump and ResetYImplemented 13-Dec and As-Needed.
9513-Dec-95CEPAC: Switch LION Back OnYPlanned for 14-Dec.
9613-Dec-95Split of Roll ManeuverYImplemented 13-Dec.
9714-Dec-95UVCS: "X2" Pointing Stage Readout Checkout/YAs Soon as Convenient - See SOC.
XDL Stimulus Test
9814-Dec-95UVCS: Unlocking of Remaining UVCS Launch LocksYAs Soon as Convenient - See SOC.
9914-Dec-95Resetting of Star Threshold after Manual MappingYImplemented 14-Dec.
10014-Dec-95SUMER: Limit ChangesYImplemented 15-Dec via TSTOL.
Permanent change needed in DB.
10114-Dec-95UVCS: Limit ChangesYImplemented 15-Dec via TSTOL.
Permanent change needed in DB.
10215-Dec-95Change Trigger Level of SSU_SEU in ACU SoftwareNImplemented 14-Dec.
Threshold >2 per 1 second.
10315-Dec-95CELIAS: Start or Modify Thermal MonitoringYImplemented 16-Dec. Before Commissioning
for CELIAS STOF (Sensor). COBS Channel 66.Block 1.08
10415-Dec-95CELIAS: Modify Thermal Monitoring for CELIASYImplemented 20-Dec. (after Commissioning
STOF (Sensor). COBS Channel 66.Block 1.12)
10515-Dec-95Stop IRU C Spin MotorYImplemented 15-Dec.
10615-Dec-95CEPAC: LION CalibrationYImpleemnted 16-Dec.
10716-Dec-95CDS: Turn On CDS Individually ControlledYImplemented 16-Dec.
Heater - Circuit 62.
10816-Dec-95CDS: Turn on CDS Collectively Controlled Heater.YImplemented 16-Dec.
Circuit 63.
10916-Dec-95CELIAS: Threshold STOF SSD DetectorYImplemented 16-Dec.
11016-Dec-95Shared NRTYImplemented 16-Dec.
11117-Dec-95Switch TM Submode in support of SUMERYImplemented 17-Dec.
11217-Dec-95MDI NRT (Sharing with SWAN)YImplemented 17-Dec.
11317-Dec-95Change Pass Plan SequenceYImplemented 17-Dec.
11417-Dec-95Cycle Power to LASCOYImplemented 17-Dec.
11517-Dec-95Record in Visibility (Visibility in case of TMYPlanned for 18-Dec (DSS42) and On-Going
Drop out)with DSS42.
11617-Dec-95Reverse Order of 2 Actions on Today's ScheduleYImplemented 17-Dec.
11718-Dec-95CELIAS CTOF Substitution Heater Turn OffYPlanned for 19-Dec.
11818-Dec-95SUMER Channel 82 Substitution Heater DutyYImplemented 18-Dec.
Cycle Change to 90%
11918-Dec-95MDI: Add 1 hour MDI NRT for Table LoadsYImplemented 18-Dec.
12019-Dec-95MDI: Earlier Scheduling of MDI Block 2.5YImplemented 19-Dec.
Front Door Open
12119-Dec-95CELIAS STOF: Check HV Value Change in YImplemented 20-Dec.
Procedure f_fl_h_deflhv
12219-Dec-95SWAN: LOBT CorrectionYImplemented 19-Dec.
12319-Dec-95SUMER: Temporary Change of Monitoring LimitsYImplemented 20-Dec.
during Bakeout Phase
12420-Dec-95LASCO: New LASCO TSTOL l_cycle_pwrYPlanned for 20-Dec via OCD. New TSTOL procedure
developed for future use.
12520-Dec-95CELIAS STOF: Heater Duty Cycle ChangeYNeed to implement on 21-Dec. 30% on 21-Dec.
60% on 22-Dec. Replaced OCD#130.
12620-Dec-95MDI: Telemetry Mode Transition TSTOLNImplemented 21-Dec.
12720-Dec-95CEPAC: LION - Repeat CalibrationNImplemented 21-Dec.
12821-Dec-95MDI: Limb Figure Update and DynamicsNImplemented 21-Dec.
Program Reset
12921-Dec-95SWAN: LOBT CorrectionNImplemented 21-Dec.
13021-Dec-95CELIAS: Change of Substitution Heater DutyNImplemented 22-Dec.
Cycle - Temporary
13123-Dec-95MDI Request for VC2 during Short and Long PassesNImplemented 23-Dec.
13224-Dec-95Starting MDI Dynamics Mode Prior to VC3NImplement on As-Needed Basis.
13326-Dec-95CELIAS: OBT DistributionYImplemented 26-Dec.
13426-Dec-95LASCO: Unhang LEBNImplemented 26-Dec.
13527-Dec-95CELIAS-STOF: Correction of f_fl_ssd_bias procNProc MOCR'd
13627-Dec-95VIRGO: Cal Curve Coefficient ChangesNChange needed to DB
13727-Dec-95CELIAS STOF: Check HK Value Change in ProcsNNeeded after MCC2
f_fl_s_swephv, f_fl_snominal, f_fl_s_mcphv
13828-Dec-95Extension of CELIAS FOT Time; Insert ProcedureNImplemented 28-Dec.
13927-Dec-95MDI: Request for VC2 during 29-Dec Long PassY
14031-Dec-95CELIAS Request for Procedure TimeNImplemented 31-Dec.

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