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OCD #DateTitle of OCDPass Plan Status
1412-Jan-96UVCS: B-Side to A-Side SwitchoverNImplemented 2-Jan.
1422-Jan-96Daily LOBT to CELIASYOn-Going Daily
1433-Jan-96UVCS Interface Mechanism Unlocking and YPlanned for 3-Jan.
1443-Jan-96LASCO Procedure ModificationsYImplemented 3-Jan.
1454-Jan-96MCC-2 Script and TimelineYImplemented 4-Jan.
1466-Jan-96Emergency CEPAC/ESU ActionsNImplemented 6-Jan.
1477-Jan-96RF CommissioningNImplemented 8-Jan.
1488-Jan-96CEPAC/ERNE to Test ModeNImplemented 8-Jan.
1499-Jan-96RF TestImplemented 8-Jan.
1509-Jan-96Corrective Roll TrimImplemented 9-Jan.
1519-Jan-96SWAN Clock ResetImplemented 9-Jan.
15210-Jan-96LASCO: Cycle PowerImplemented 10-Jan.
15310-Jan-96SUMER: Continue Bake-out after MCC-2.Planned for 11-Jan.
15411-Jan-96MDI Operations in Event of Severe WinterNot Implemented.
15513-Jan-96Repeat CEPAC/ESU Safing ProceduresImplemented 13-Jan
Executed OCD 146 and OCD 148.
15615-Jan-96LASCO/EIT Flush Observing Software QueueNot Implemented - Withdrawn.
15715-Jan-96Omission of MDI TSTOL Safe Procedure before Implemented 15-Jan.
Momentum Management Maneuver
15816-Jan-96LASCO: Cycle Power to LEBYImplemented 16-Jan.
15916-Jan-96CELIAS: End CTOF BakeoutYImplemented 17-Jan.
16017-Jan-96CEPAC ESU/COPU Anomaly RecoveryNGenerated via Verbal Inputs from E. Valtonen.
Implemented 17-Jan.
16117-Jan-96VIRGO Manual CommandingYImplemented 17-Jan.
16217-Jan-96VIRGO Manual Commanding IIImplemented 17-Jan.
16317-Jan-96GOLF: Reduce Cell Heating LevelImplemented 17-Jan.
16418-Jan-96VIRGO - LOI Cover Trouble-ShootingYImplemented 18-Jan.
16518-Jan-96CDS to use Time in Pass for NRT (not scheduled)YImplemented 18-Jan.
16618-Jan-96CDS TSTOL Commanding to Safe InstrumentYImplemented 18-Jan.
16718-Jan-96VIRGO: LOI Trouble-ShootingY
16818-Jan-96CDS Safing CommandsYImplemented 18-Jan.
16920-Jan-96CDS: Switch off Substitution HeatersImplemented 21-Jan.
17020-Jan-96Perform CELIAS PSGEN ProcedureImplemented 21-Jan.
17120-Jan-96VIRGO LOI Cover Trouble-ShootingImplemented 21-Jan.
17220-Jan-96LASCO: Cycle Power to LEBImplemented 20-Jan.
17322-Jan-96UVCS: Execute proc u_fl_safe_prImplemented 22-Jan.
17424-Jan-96VIRGO: LOI - Cover Trouble-shootingYImplemented 25-Jan.
17525-Jan-96UVCS: Need 2 minutes of NRT to turn off YImplemented 25-Jan.
OVI Detector
17625-Jan-96SUMER: Change of Temperature Monitoring LimitsY
17726-Jan-96VIRGO TSTOL Procedure Changes Implemented 2-Feb.
17826-Jan-96VIRGO: Operation Sun ModeYImplemented 2-Feb.
17926-Jan-96VIRGO LOI GuidingYImplemented 2-Feb.
18026-Jan-96VIRGO PMO Degradation TestYWithdrawn 1-Feb.
18126-Jan-96VIRGO Exit of PMO Degradation TestYWithdrawn 1-Feb.
18226-Jan-96VIRGO SPM Degradation TestYImplemented 2-Feb.
18326-Jan-96VIRGO Diarad Calibration YImplemented 2-Feb.
18426-Jan-96VIRGO LOI Lock GuidingImplemented 2-Feb.
18526-Jan-96VIRGO LOI Guiding AutomaticYImplemented 2-Feb.
18626-Jan-96VIRGO HOI Cover ClosingYImplemented 2-Feb.
18726-Jan-96VIRGO HOI RecoveryYImplemented 2-Feb.
18826-Jan-96SUMER - NRT Required to Switch-on DetectorImplemented 26-Jan.
and Restart Program
18926-Jan-96SUMER - NRT Required to Send One Detector CMDImplemented 26-Jan.
19026-Jan-96MDI: Omission of usual TSTOL procedureNImplemented 29-Jan.
m_fl_strtdyn on 30-Jan.
19130-Jan-96Flight S/W Maintenance - Monthly Data CollectionNImplemented 1-Feb for January.
19231-Jan-96SUMER: New Limit Set for STMC2T3YImplemented 2-Feb.
(Telescope Assembly)

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