[an error occurred while processing this directive] OCD Tracking: Feb 96
OCD #DateTitle of OCDPass Plan Status
1933-Feb-96Enable ESR Flag for CDSImplemented 3-Feb.
1946-Feb-96Modification to VIRGO Block 3.3 (& Execution)
1957-Feb-96CELIAS MCP Efficiency TestImplemented 1st part 7-Feb.
1968-Feb-96SUMER SafingNEmergency - Implemented 8-Feb.
1978-Feb-96CELIAS: Change CTOF MCP VoltageNImplemented 8-Feb.
1989-Feb-96VIRGO: LOI Cover Test During Cold PhaseYImplemented 11-Feb.
1999-Feb-96Change GOLF LimitsY
20013-Feb-96HOI ScriptY
20113-Feb-96SSA6 Commissioning (FPSS and PCPG)YNeeded for 17-Feb.
20214-Feb-96Recycle GOLF PowerY
20315-Feb-96No MDI StrtdynNeeded on 16-Feb.
20417-Feb-96Contingency Use of MDI ISS OpenFor Duration 17-19 Feb.
20520-Feb-96GOLF Oscillation Test - Yaw PCPGExecuted 21-Feb.
20620-Feb-96GOLF Oscillation Test - Pitch PCPGExecuted 22-Feb.
20723-Feb-96SWAN: Reset LOBT, re-upload patchImplemented 23-Feb.
20823-Feb-96SSD6 (Submode tests) Clarification
20926-Feb-96CEPAC/ERNE Software UpdateYImplemented 28-Feb.
21029-Feb-96Send One CDS Command from POCCNImplemented 29-Feb.

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