[an error occurred while processing this directive] OCD Tracking: Mar 96
OCD #DateTitle of OCDPass Plan Status
2111-Mar-96Clarification of Two SWAN Delayed Command FilesNImplemented 1-Mar.
2121-Mar-96SUMER: Inhibit Limit Monitoring of "STXCHX"YWrong Address in DB.
2134-Mar-96MDI: Omission of TSTOL Procedure m_fl_strtdynYRequired 5-Mar.
until further notice.
2144-Mar-96CELIAS: Temporary Switch in STOF OOL'sY
2156-Mar-96Change GOLF ParametersNext DB Update
2166-Mar-96J3 Rehearsal
2177-Mar-96CDS: Reboot Primary ComputerYImplemented 7-Mar.
2188-Mar-96SWAN: Implement n_fl_hv.prc TSTOL toOn As-Needed Basis. Receive notice from SOC or
reactivate SWAN high voltageupon receipt of Fax from SWAN.
21911-MarCOBS PatchYImplemented 11-Mar.
22011-MarCEPAC/ERNE Partial Calibration SequenceYImplemented 12-Mar.
22113-MarACU Patches Uploading and TestingYImplemented 14-Mar.
22213-MarGOLF Oscillation Test - Roll PCPGYImplemented 14-Mar.
22313-MarCELIAS: TSTOL f_fl_d_patch7.prcYProcedure done 15-Mar. Ready for exec.~3/21
22415-MarSWAN: Execute TSTOL n_fl_hv.prcImplemented 15-Mar. See OCD 218.
22516-MarReaction Wheel Test YImplemented 20-Mar.
22617-MarACU WD Latch SettingImplemented 17-Mar.
22718-MarStart MDI Dynamics ModeYImplemented 18-Mar.
22818-MarGOLF: Cycle to Redundant Side and BackImplemented 21-Mar.
22920-MarCOBS Patch to Open VIRGO LOI CoverYPlanned for 26-Mar.
23023-MarVIRGO TSTOL Procedure Changes
23124-MarSWAN: Send LOBT to SWAN InstrumentImplemented 24-Mar.
23225-MarSWAN: Send LOBT to SWAN DailyImplement Daily.
23326-MarAdditional CDMU Dump during VIRGO LOI TestImplemented 26-Mar.
23427-MarMDI-M Transistions during Continuous Ops Implemented 28 thru 30 Mar.
23528-MarMDI: Take MDI Manually out of Campaign ModeImplemented 28-Mar.

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