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OCD #DateTitle of OCDPass Plan Status
2361-AprVIRGO: Procedure in Support of J3 TestNeeded for 3-Apr.
2371-AprJ3 Script for North-South Offpointing PartImplemented 3-Apr.
2382-AprJ3 Script for East-West Offpointing PartImplemented 4-Apr.
2395-AprExtra VC2 for MDIImplemented 5-Apr.
2405-AprImmediate GOLF CommandsImplemented 5-Apr.
2415-AprAdditional GOLF CommandsImplemented 5-Apr.
2425-AprCELIAS Limit ChangesAttached to MOCR
2435-AprMDI VC2 Transition from IDLEImplemented 6-7 Apr.
2449-AprExtra VC2 for D12 2100-0016Implemented 9-Apr.
24510-AprMDI: Request for VC2 during NRT near WITHDRAWN 10-Apr.
end-of-long-contact on Wed, 10-Apr.
2465-AprThermo-Elastic OperationsNImplemented 14-Apr.
2478-AprUpdate of Database Monitoring Limits - SUMERN
24810-AprUVCS: Update Red Limits
24910-AprMDI: Request for VC2 during NRTYImplemented
25010-AprMDI: Request for VC2 during NRT for period
15:00-15:30 on 11-Apr
25111-AprSUMER: Send OBT to SUMER
25211-AprMDI: Run STRDYN 10 minutes after VC2
transistion for 20 minutes (total VC2 = 30 mins)
25312-AprSUMER: Send OBT to SUMERImplemented 12-Apr.
25412-AprMDI: Require ~1 hour VC2 on 13-Apr around
1900 UT and ~ 15 min NRT-Dedicated.
25515-AprFPSS Offset (3.3 Arc Min) AdjustmentImplemented 16-Apr.
256As NeededMDI-M-C Operating ProcedureMDI Standardizing what they want done with MDI-M
257As NeededMDI-M-B Operating ProcedureMDI Standardizing what they want done with MDI-M
258As NeededMDI-M-A Operating ProcedureMDI Standardizing what they want done with MDI-M
25917-AprCELIAS-MTOF PEQ Limit ChangeImplemented 17-Apr.
26017-AprMDI Request for VC2Implemented 17-Apr
26117-AprMDI: Additional VC2 NeededImplemented 17-Apr.
26218-AprMDI: Request for 2 hours or more of VC2 and NRTImplemented 18-21, 23 Apr.
during long contacts from 18-23 April
26319-AprCELIAS: Change MTOF PE DeltaImplemented 19-Apr.
26421-AprMDI DEP Reset - URGENTImplemented 21-Apr.
26521-AprCDS GIS Detector Safing - EMERGENCYImplemented 21-Apr.
26622-AprMDI: Please No VC2 Today (4/22)Okay
26722-AprMDI: Request 1 hour of VC2Implemented 22-Apr.
26823-AprMDI: Requests VC2 for 4/23Implemented 23-Apr.
26923-AprCELIAS: TSTOL Procedure RequestImplemented 24-Apr.
27024-AprSWAN: Add two new TSTOL ProceduresImplemented 25-Apr.
27124-AprCELIAS: Change In-Flight S/W for Implemented 24-Apr.
CTOF FE Threshold
27224-AprCELIAS DPU S/W Patch for MTOF, STOF PriorityImplemented 24-Apr.
27324-AprSWAN TSTOL N_FL_LLOCKIN, N_FL_LLOCKOUTImplemented 25-Apr.
27424-AprMDI: Additional VC2 TimeImplemented 25-Apr.
27525-AprMDI: Additional VC2Not Implemented - SOC Direction
27626-AprSet CDS On-Board ClockImplemented 26-Apr.

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