[an error occurred while processing this directive] OCD Tracking: May 96
OCD #DateTitle of OCDPass Plan Status
2772-MayCDS: Set TimeImplemented 2-May.
2782-MayMDI: Request for Extra VC2Implemented 2-May.
2793-MayMDI: Weekend VC2 RequestImplemented 3 May - 5 May.
2807-MayCEPAC S/W UpdateImplemented 7-May.
2817-MayMDI: STRDM5KUntil further notice.
2829-MayMDI: VC2 During Long ContactsDuration: 10 May - 15-May.
28310-MayMDI: Special Weekend RequestsDuration: 10 May - 12 May
28413-MayMDI: Don't Run m_fl_ strtdyn or m_fl_strdm5kDuration: 14 May 06:30 - 16:45
28514-MayCDS: Reset OBTImplemented 14-May.
28615-MayMDI: VC2 During Long Contact IIDuration : 15 May - 24 May
28717-MaySWAN SafingImplemented 17-May.
28817-MaySWAN ESR Warning Flag ChangeImplemented 17-May.
28920-MayCDS: Reset OBTImplemented 20-May.
29020-MayMDI: Commands in Real-TimeImplemented 20-May.
29120-MayUVCS: R/T Commands for VoltagesImplemented 20-May.
29220-MayMDI: Run m_fl_strdm5k 5 minutes after Implemented 21-May.
id to mm proc on D42 pass
29320-MayMDI: Command to be executed before rollImplemented 20-May.
29422-MayMDI: VC2 Requirements for 2-months ContinuousStart on 23-May for next 8 weeks.
29523-MayCELIAS: Clock Drift testStart on 24-May for one week. Implemented.
29624-MayMDI: Test of TSTOL m_fl_loidumpImplemented 24-May.
29725-MayMDI: SOP during 2-months ContinuousContinue through 24-July.
29825-MayCELIAS: CTOF HV Switching
29927-MayCELIAS: Routine Test of CTOF MCP VoltageImplemented 27-May.
30030-MayMDI: Mods to m_fl_loidumpImplemented 31-May
30131-MayCEPAC: Enable ESU ObservationsImplemented 31-May.

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