[an error occurred while processing this directive] OCD Tracking: Jul 96
OCD #DateTitle of OCDPass Plan Status
31215-JulUVCS: Discrete Parameter MonitoringParameter Added to TM Page 16-July.
31316-JulRSL Shift for SUMERImplemented 16-July.
31416-JulCDS: Time DistributionImplemented 16-July.
31516-JulCELIAS: Turning CTOF VoltageImplemented 21-July.
31616-JulMDI: Additional DSN Request for AugustSubmitted request to DSN 26-Meter Net (18-Jul).
31716-JulMDI: VC2 during Nominal Operations
31819-JulMDI: Modifications to LOI Dump Timing/ VC2In effect through rest of 2-months continuous.
31920-JulMDI: Request 10 minutes of VC2Implemented 20-July.
32022-JulLASCO/EIT: Test of Submode 2Implemented 24-July.
32122-JulCDS: Clock SettingImplemented 22-July.
32222-JulMDI: Extra VC2 (July 24 - 26)In effect July 24th through 26th
32325-JulCDS: Reset CDHS - ExternalImplemented 25-Jul.
32425-JulCDS: Clock to CDSImplemented 25-Jul.
32525-JulLASCO: TM Submode 2 SwitchingTSTOL Procedure Mods Needed
32626-JulLASCO: Urgent NRT RequiredImplemented 29-Jul.
32726-JulMDI: Extend VC2Implemented 26-Jul.
32827-JulLASCO/EIT: Short NRT (New S/W Anomalies)Completed 19-Aug.
32929-JulSWAN: Turn-On InstrumentImplemented 29-Jul.

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