[an error occurred while processing this directive] OCD Tracking: Aug 96
OCD #DateTitle of OCDPass Plan Status
3301-AugSWAN: Plot of Primary CurrentImplemented 2-Aug.
3315-AugMDI: Extra VC2 RequirementImplemented 6-Aug.
3329-AugMDI: Extra Three Hours of VC2 on 12-AugImplemented 12-Aug.
33312-AugMDI: Extra VC2 (One Hour) on 13-AugImplemented 13-Aug.
33413-AugMDI: Nominal VC2 Not after SSR DumpImplemented 13-Aug.
33513-AugLASCO: NRT for Single CommandImplemented 13-Aug.
33614-AugMDI: Extra VC2 for 14-Aug and 15-AugImplemented 14-Aug. Cancelled for 15-Aug.
33716-AugSWAN: Emergency Reset of SensorImplemented 16-Aug.
33816-AugMDI: Extra VC2 for 16-18 Aug.Implemented 18-Aug.
33916-AugMDI: VC2 Times for 19-22 Aug.Completed.
34017-AugMDI: VC2 Times for 23-25 Aug.Completed.
34117-AugCELIAS: CTOF HVPS Turn DownImplemented 17-Aug.
34217-AugCELIAS: CTOF HVPS Turn OffImplemented 18-Aug.
34318-AugCELIAS: Power Off CTOF/ Turn on HeaterImplemented 18-Aug.
34418-AugCELIAS: Temporary Suspension of CTOF LimitsValid While CTOF Off
(Limits Listed on OCD)
34519-AugMDI: M_FL_LOIDUMP Not To Be RunDuring 3-Day Continuous (End 23-Aug.)
34623-AugMDI: VC2 Data Times for Aug 26 - Sept 1.Completed.
34723-AugMDI: VC2 for JOP 048Implemented 23-Aug.
34823-AugMDI: Extension Change in VC2 for 24-Aug.Implemented 24-Aug.
34923-AugSUMER: Change Limit of S_XMCPVProcedure MOCR'ed.
35026-AugCDS: Test CDS RCR UsageImplemented 26-Aug..
35130-AugMDI: Extra VC2 on Sept 5Implemented 5-Sept.
35230-AugUVCS: Change of UTTHSUN Upper Limits inPermanent Change Required.
UVCS Emergency Procedure.

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