[an error occurred while processing this directive] OCD Tracking: Sep 96
OCD #DateTitle of OCDPass Plan Status
3532-SepCELIAS: TSTOL Time, Sept 2 &3.Implemented.
3543-SepCELIAS: TSTOL Time 4-Sept.Implemented 4-Sept.
3554-SepLASCO: Delta Limits for LIPWAImplemented 4-Sept.
3564-SepCELIAS: Increase CTOF/ MCP VoltageImplemented 4-Sept.
3575-SepCELIAS: Request for CTOF TSTOLImplemented 5-Sept.
3585-SepEIT: Limit Change for EIT Temp MonitorsPermanent Change Required.
3595-SepMDI: 2 hour VC2 Extension for 13-Sept.Implemented 13-Sept..
3604-SepCDS: FOT Alarm Database Update for CDSMOCR 'd Proc x-lim_temp_ch until database
can be updated by FOT.
3619-SepCorrect Decommutation of LT3CFNGDR Filed.
36210-SepUVCS: Revision of Emergency Procedure Limits,Need Procs MOCR'd to Change x_lim_temp_ch.
36312-SepGOLF: Restore Observation ParametersImplemented 12-Sept.
36412-SepMDI: Extra VC2 for MDI on 13-Sept.Implemented 13-Sept.
36512-SepVIRGO: Turn VIRGO OffImplemented 12-Sept.
36613-SepMDI: VC2/VC3 during Short ContactsIn Progress until Further Notice
36713-SepVIRGO: Command to Normal OperationsImplemented 13-Sept.
36813-SepGOLF: Commands for 13-Sept.Implemented 13-Sept.
36913-SepVIRGO: Limits ChangeProcedure MOCR'd.
37014-SepMDI: VC2 Times for 17-22 Sept.Implemented 17-22 Sept.
37118-SepVIRGO: VIPWA Red LimitProcedure MOCR'd.
37219-SepCDS: Change Limts for CDSProcedure MOCR'd.
37320-SepUVCS: Update Limit for UTTHDITProcedure MOCR'd.
37424-SepGOLF: Update Limit for GTCB (internal heatingProcedure MOCR'd.
circuit power)
37527-SepGOLF: Current Limits Change Procedure MOCR'd.
37627-SepMDI: Additional Hour of VC2 for 30-Sep.Implemented 30-Sept.

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