[an error occurred while processing this directive] OCD Tracking: Oct 96
OCD #DateTitle of OCDPass Plan Status
3772-OctUVCS: UTTHSUN TM Limit ChangeProcedure MOCR'd.
3782-OctVIRGO: New Yellow High Limits Procedure MOCR'd.
3794-OctVIRGO: Limits ChangeProcedure MOCR'd.
3804-OctMDI: Additional VC2 on 8-Oct.Implemented 8-Oct.
3814-OctMDI: Rules for VC2 Dumps Near Station HandoversIn Progress until Further Notice
3828-OctAdditional Hour VC2 for MDIImplemented.
38310-OctCDS: Elimination of CXGPHA Limit CheckingProcedure MOCR'd.
38410-OctCDS: Monitor CTM18 LimitUpdate to TM Page i_exp_check
38510-OctMDI: Delay of SSR Dump 13-Oct through 16-OctImplemented (13-16 Oct.)
38611-OctMDI: Extra VC2 on 15-OctImplemented 15-Oct.
38711-OctMDI: Continuous Ops Procedures (17-21 Oct)YIn Progress
38817-OctUVCS: Adjustments of Yellow LimitsN/AProcedure MOCR'd.
38918-OctCDS: Change Limit Value CIV+5VN/AProcedure MOCR'd.
39018-OctMDI: Extra VC2 for 21-Oct.YImplemented 21-Oct.
39118-OctMDI: Extra VC2 for 23-Oct & 24- Oct.YIn Progress.
39221-OctLASCO: Change Yellow Limit for L-15AC1N/AProcedure MOCR'd.
39322-OctSUMER: OBT DistributionYImplemented 23-Oct.
39423-OctCDS: Distribute LOBT to CDSYImplemented 23-Oct.
39523-OctCDS to Standby ModeYImplemented 23-Oct.
39623-OctMDI: Commands for MDIYImplemented 23-Oct.
39723-OctMDI: Extra VC2 for MDIYImplemented 23-Oct.
39817-OctUVCS: XDL Detector Temp. Limit CorrectionN/ANo change to console procedures. Will be used
as reference for closing appropriate anomalies.
39924-OctMDI: Extra VC2 for Friday, 25-OctYImplemented 25-Oct.
40027-OctSWAN: Emergency Delayed CommandYImplemented 27-Oct.
40128-OctSWAN: Uplink Delayed Command FileYImplemented 29-Oct.
40229-OctSWAN: Uplink Delayed Command FileYImplemented 29-Oct.

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