[an error occurred while processing this directive] OCD Tracking: Nov 96
OCD #DateTitle of OCDPass Plan Status
4031-NovLASCO: Revise Delta Limits for LIPWAN/AProcedure MOCR'd.
4041-NovMDI: Extra VC2 for 8-Nov.YImplemented.
4058-NovSWAN: Delayed Command for 9-NovYImplemented.
4068-NovMDI: Extra VC2 for 12-Nov (1hour)YImplemented.
4079-NovMDI: Extra VC2 during SERTS Launch WindowYImplemented.
40811-NovCELIAS: Change FSSP12VN/ACompleted.
40911-NovCELIAS: Change FSSEP12V Cal CurveN/ACompleted.
41011-NovCELIAS: Change FSCHPT Cal CurveN/AImplemented 12-Nov.
41111-NovMDI: Widen Delta Limits for M+75LTN/AProcedure MOCR'd, Change Complete.
41212-NovMDI: Extra VC2 to Debug Instrument ProblemsYImplemented 12-Nov.
41313-NovMDI: Modifications to TSTOLS & New ProcsYImplemented 15-Nov.
41413-NovMDI: Ops for November Continuous ContactYImplemented 16-18 Nov.
41514-NovMDI: Addendum to OCD#414 for Nov 16-19N/ANot Needed - No DSN Gap.
Continuous Ops
41615-NovMDI: Extra VC2 for Tests Prior to Continuous OpsYImplemented 15-Nov.
41715-NovMDI: Correction of Error in MDI Submissions N/ALast Procedure MOCR'd.
of TSTOL Procedures
41815-NovMDI: VC2 Policy to Minimize Loss of StoredN/AIn effect until further notice. (CIF #127)
Magnetograms after Coverage Gap
41916-NovMDI: Timing Modification for M_fl_DYNLOILN/AImplemented for 18-Nov.
42016-NovMDI: Modifications to Procedure M_FL_DYNPAGEN/AImplemented for 18-Nov.
42117-NovMDI: New TSTOL for ISS Loop CommandingN/AProcedure MOCR'd, Change Complete.
42218-NovSWAN: Delta Limit Change for NIPWAN/AProcedure MOCR'd.
42319-NovMDI: Modifications to TSTOL for IDLE to VC2N/AProcedure MOCR'd.
42419-NovMDI: 10 Minutes of VC2 (BGQ Upload Results)YImplemented 19-Nov.
42519-NovMDI: Extra VC2 YImplemented 21-Nov.
42621-NovMDI: Extra VC2YImplemented 21-Nov.
42723-NovCELIAS: TSTOL for RecoveryYImplemented 23-Nov.
42823-NovSWAN: Sensor Unit Reset ProcedureN/AProcedure MOCR'd. Experiment Emergency
Activity Binder Requires Update.
42925-NovSUMER: Inhibit Monitoring of SUMER MC2 & MC5N/AProcedure MOCR'd.
43026-NovCELIAS: CTOF Commanding on 29-30 NovYImplemented 29-30 Nov.
43127-NovMDI: One hour additional VC2 on 27-NovYImplemented 27-Nov.
43227-NovMDI: One hour additional VC2 on 3-DecYImplemented 3-Dec.
43329-NovLASCO/EIT/CDS/SUMER Submode Test on 4-5 DecYImplemented 4-5 Dec.
43429-NovMDI: Proc Change M_FL_DYNPAGEN/AProcedure MOCR'd
43529-NovMDI: Proc Change M_FL_DYNLOICN/AProcedure MOCR'd
43629-NovCELIAS: CTOF Turn off Limit Check for FSCPVPVN/AProcedure MOCR'd

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