[an error occurred while processing this directive] OCD Tracking: Dec 96
OCD #DateTitle of OCDPass Plan Status
4372-DecCELIAS: Command Setting of CTOF HVYImplemented 2-Dec.
4383-DecMDI: Adjust MTOPTS1 Upper LimitsN/AProcedure MOCR'd
4393-DecCELIAS: Probe Upper CTOF Energy RangeYImplemented 3-Dec.
4403-DecCELIAS: Probe CTOF Low Energy ModeYImplemented 4-Dec.
4415-DecMDI: Extra VC2 on 5-DecYImplemented 5-Dec.
4425-DecVIRGO: Change Limits on VT3SPBN/AProcedure MOCR'd
4436-DecUVCS: Limit Changes for UTTHDOORN/AProcedure MOCR'd
4449-DecLASCO/EIT: Submode 2 Test On 11-Dec.YImplemented 11-Dec.
44511-DecMDI: Operations for Continuous Ops (15-18 Dec)YImplemented.
44611-DecMDI: Test of TSTOL Procedure M_FL_LOIDUMPYImplemented.
44712-DecMDI: Extra VC2 for 13-Dec. YImplemented 13-Dec.
44813-DecOne Week Submode 2 Starting 22-Dec.YImplemented 21-Dec. Also see OCD#451.
44913-DecCDS: CTM18 Red High ProcedureN/ACIF Has Been Written
45017-DecLASCO: Need 3 RCR'sN/AImplemented 19-Dec..
45117-DecSubmode 2 Switch/ SUMER Closing DoorYSame as OCD#448 & some additional info.
45219-DecMDI: Extra VC2 for Focusing DiagnosticYImplemented 19-Dec.
45319-DecCDS: Switch to Submode 3NSuperceded by OCD #456.
45420-DecCEPAC Software UpdateYImplemented 20-Dec.
45520-DecRequest 10 Minutes of NRT @ Start of PassYDone 20-Dec.
45628-DecSubmode Switching (Supercedes OCD #453)YImplemented 28-Dec.

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