[an error occurred while processing this directive] OCD Tracking: Jan 97
OCD #DateTitle of OCDPass Plan Status
4572-Jan-97CDS/SUMER/EIT/LASCO: Switch to Submode 1YImplemented 6-Jan.
4582-Jan-97MDI: Extra Hour of VC2 on 8-Jan.YImplemented 8-Jan.
4593-Jan-97MDI: Test of ISS Loop Open/Close TSTOLSYImplemented 8-Jan.
4603-Jan-97CELIAS: Investigate CTOF CircuitryYImplemented 6-Jan.
4616-Jan-97CELIAS: Perform Two CommandsYImplemented 6-Jan.
4627-Jan-97VIRGO: Update of Yellow LimitsN/AMOCR Written.
4637-Jan-97CDS: Closing Door When No CDS Ops Rep. PresentN/ALoad Input File Built on CMS.
4647-Jan-97UVCS: Monitor S/W Mode during ManeuverN/AImplemented 14-Jan.
4658-Jan-97CEPAC: Turn Off Limit Checking HIE+5VNAN/AMOCR Written.
46610-Jan-97MDI: Continuous Ops, Jan 15-18.YCompleted 18-Jan.
46716-Jan-97SUMER: Change SIRSC+15 and SIRSC-15 LimitsN/AMOCR Written.
46817-Jan-97SUMER: Send TM Rates & OBTYImplemented 17-Jan.
46918-Jan-97SWAN: Send OBT YImplemented 18-Jan.
47021-Jan-97SWAN: Uplink SWA970121152 ASAPYImplemented 21-Jan.
47124-Jan-97CELIAS: Change Limit for FSCBUCN/AProcedures MOCR'd.
47224-Jan-97Delay SSR Dump Until 1600 on Jan 25 & 26.YWill Implement for 26-Jan Only.
47327-Jan-97SUMER: Change Delta Limit of S-XMCPVN/AProcedures MOCR'd.
47429-Jan-97MDI: 15 Minute Cadence Command RequirementN/AReal-Time Crew Advised.
47530-Jan-97ACU Patch Threshold ChangeYImplemented 30-Jan.
47630-Jan-97MDI: Send Commands for Science.YImplemented 30-Jan.
47730-Jan-97MDI: Perform Commands if NecessaryYImplemented 30-Jan.
47831-Jan-97Experimenter Inputs for March S/C RollN
47931-Jan-97VIRGO: Updates to Procedure V_FL_OPMODEN/AProcedure MOCR'd.
48031-Jan-97MDI: Extra VC2 Request for 3-Feb.YImplemented 3-Feb.

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