[an error occurred while processing this directive] OCD Tracking: Feb 97
OCD #DateTitle of OCDPass Plan Status
4817-Feb-97MDI: February Continuous OperationsYCompleted.
4827-Feb-97CELIAS: TSTOL for DPU PatchYImplemented 9-Feb.
4837-Feb-97SWAN: Send Delayed Load - URGENTYImplemented 7-Feb.
48410-Feb-97MDI: Extra VC2 Request for 12-Feb.YImplemented 12-Feb.
48511-Feb-97MDI: Ops for Day After Feb. ContinuousNFor 17-Feb.
48612-Feb-97ACU: Min/Max Monitoring of "Max StaircaseYImplemented 12-Feb.
48715-Feb-97MDI: Extra VC2 for 15-FebYImplemented 15-Feb.
48815-Feb-97MDI: Distribute OBTYImplemented 15-Feb.
48915-Feb-97Thermal Reconfiguration RecoveryYImplemented 15-Feb.
49015-Feb-97MDI: Extra VC2 As Needed for Anomaly ResolutionYImplemented 15-Feb.
49116-Feb-97CEPAC Turn-On: Return to Nominal OpsYImplemented 16-Feb.
49217-Feb-97CEPAC: Thermal Control Disable (Internal)YImplemented 17-Feb.
49318-Feb-97MDI: 30 Minutes of VC2 During D16 PassYImplemented 18-Feb.
49418-Feb-97MDI: Proc Correction for M_FL_DYNPAGEN/ATSTOL Procedure MOCR'd.
49519-Feb-97CEPAC: Change Duty Cycle of ESU SubstitutionYImplemented 19-Feb.
Heater to 40%
49622-Feb-97VIRGO: Resync on Next Daily PulseYImplemented 22-Feb.
49724-Feb-97GOLF: Distribute OBTYImplemented 24-Feb.
49824-Feb-97UVCS: OBT DistributionYImplemented 25-Feb.
49925-Feb-97CEPAC: ERNE OSS-2.17 UploadYImplemented 25-Feb.
50027-Feb-97CEPAC: ERNE Telecommand TestYImplemented 27-Feb.

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