[an error occurred while processing this directive] OCD Tracking: Mar 97
OCD #DateTitle of OCDPass Plan Status
5023-Mar-97CEPAC: Second Upload of ERNE OSS-2.15YImplemented 3-Mar.
5033-Mar-97MDI: Extra VC2 for CalibrationYImplemented 4-Mar.
5044-Mar-97CEPAC: ESU Switch On (Nominal Obs. Mode)YImplemented 4-Mar.
5054-Mar-97VIRGO: New TSTOL V_FL_SYNCHRN/ACompleted 11-Mar.
5064-Mar-97VIRGO: Update TSTOL V_FL_OPMODEN/ACompleted 11-Mar.
5077-Mar-97MDI: Operations for Continuous 12-16 MarchNCompleted 17-Mar.
5087-Mar-97MDI: Extra VC2 on 10-11 MarchYImplemented 10-11 Mar.
5097-Mar-97Submode 2 Request for 18-19 MarchYImplemented 18-Mar.
5107-Mar-97UVCS: Monitor S/W Status during ManeuversN/ANeed to Update Maneuver Scripts.
51111-Mar-97MDI: Extra VC2 on 11-MarchYImplemented 11-Mar.
51211-Mar-97MDI: (More) Extra VC2 on 11-MarchYSuperceded by OCD # 518.
51311-Mar-97MDI: VC2 for Roll ManeuverN/AManeuver Script Updated.
51412-Mar-97MDI: Additional Day of Continuous Ops ModeYImplemented 17-Mar.
51513-Mar-97Experiment Ops for PLM RTU ReconfigurationNRecovery Script will be Updated.
51614-Mar-97MDI: Extra VC2 on 17-19 MarchYImplemented 17-19 Mar.
51717-Mar-97SWAN: Safing for ManeuverYImplemented 17-Mar.
51819-Mar-97MDI: VC2 for Roll ManeuverN/AImplemented 20-Mar.
51920-Mar-97MDI: VC2 for 20-MarchYImplemented 20-Mar.
52021-Mar-97MDI: delay SSR Dump & Downlink VC2, VC3YImplemented 23-Mar.
52122-Mar-97MDI: VC2, VC3 Prior to SSR Dump on 25-MarchYImplemented 25-Mar.
52225-Mar-97VIRGO: Urgent TCYImplemented 25-Mar.
52326-Mar-97MDI: Extra VC2 for Flat FieldYImplemented 27-Mar.
52427-Mar-97Switch to Submode 6 on 31-Mar.NImplemented 31-Mar.
52531-Mar-97MDI: Three Extra Hours of VC2 on 4-AprilYImplemented 4-Apr.

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