[an error occurred while processing this directive] OCD Tracking: Apr 97
OCD #DateTitle of OCDPass Plan Status
5262-Apr-97UVCS: Monitor UVCS Parameter on 11-AprilN/AMomentum Management Script will be Updated.
5273-Apr-97COSTEP: Turn LION Off/OnYImplemented 3-Apr.
5283-Apr-97LASCO: Change L-15AC1 Delta LimitsN/AProcedures MOCR'd.
5295-Apr-97MDI: Extra VC2 for 7-AprilImplemented 7-Apr.
5305-Apr-97MDI: 3-Month Campaign OpsIn Effect 13-April through 13-June
5317-Apr-97MDI: Extra VC2 - MDI not in Normal Mode.YImplemented 7-Apr.
5329-Apr-97MDI: Extra VC2 for 10-AprilYImplemented 10-Apr.
53310-Apr-97CELIAS: MTOF Contingency for ManueverN/AOvercome By Events - Not Needed.
53410-Apr-97MDI: Extra VC2 on 11-AprilN/AImplemented 11-Apr.
53511-Apr-97CEPAC: Uplink 2 ERNE Delayed Command FilesYImplemented 14-Apr.
53611-Apr-97SUMER: Switch to Submode 5YImplemented 14-Apr.
53711-Apr-97MDI: Extra Hour of VC2 on 12-AprYImplemented 12-Apr.
53814-Apr-97UVCS: Correction of TM Conversion for UIPWP5N/AProcedure MOCR'd.
53921-Apr-97CELIAS: Reserve 5 Minutes of TSTOL TimeYPlanned for 22-Apr.
54022-Apr-97COSTEP: Run Calibration TSTOLYPlanned for 23-Apr.
54122-Apr-97MDI: Mods to MDI Ops During ContinuousIn Effect Through 13-June.
54222-Apr-97MDI: Modify LOI Buffer Dump ProceduresN/AMOCR Written.
54323-Apr-97SVM: Toggle RCVR#1 Ranging/CoherencyYImplemented 23-Apr
54424-Apr-97SWAN: Uplink Delayed Load on 24-AprNImplemented 24-Apr.
54524-Apr-97Antenna Test Sequence (RCVR #1)NImplemented 24-Apr.
54625-Apr-97New Parameters for RCVR #1 Test NImplemented 25-Apr.
54728-Apr-97CEPAC: Reconfigure ERNE w/Delayed LoadYImplemented 28-Apr.
54828-Apr-97Receiver 1 Test (-500 KHz to -200 KHz)YImplemented 28-Apr.
54929-Apr-97Receiver 1 Test (Ranging)YImplemented 29-Apr.
55030-Apr-97CEPAC: Reconfigure ESU w/Delayed LoadYImplemented 30-Apr.
55130-Apr-97Receiver 1/Receiver 2 TestYImplemented 30-Apr.
55230-Apr-97SUMER: Distribute OBT on 5-May at 0930YTT Load Uplinked 1-May.

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