[an error occurred while processing this directive] OCD Tracking: Apr 97
OCD #DateTitle of OCDPass Plan Status
ReceivedU pdated
5531-May-97Receiver 1 Test (Range Mod Index = 1.2)YImplemented 1-May.
5541-May-97MEDOC: Connecting IWS Per MEDOC RequestN/AIn Effect 20-May through 8-June. Completed.
5552-May-97SWAN: Uplink Delayed Load for Comet Obs.YImplemented 2-May.
5569-May-97MDI: 10 Minutes Extra VC2 for CalibrationYImplemented 12-May.
5579-May-97VIRGO: Enabling Latch DetectorsYLoad Built 9-May. Implemented.
55812-May-97MDI: Limit Change to MTEPTS1N/AProcedure MOCR'd.
55912-May-97EIT: Adjust SVM Reserved Time for Extra NRT to Allow Preparation for Shutterless Mode.YUnable to Implement as Planned; See AR: G97-0338.
56013-May-97SUMER: Change YH for SSXACCELN/AImplemented 13-May.
56115-May-97UVCS: Lower RL, YL Limits for UTTHBAY4N/AProcedures MOCR'd.
56219-May-97RCVR#1 for DSS-27 (DOY 139)N/AImplemented 19-May.
56320-May-97RCVR#1 for DSS-27 (DOY 140)N/AImplemented 20-May.
56421-May-97RCVR#1 Sweep for DSS-27 (DOY 141)N/AImplemented 21-May. Sweeps Unsuccessful.
56521-May-97SUMER: Telemetry Limit ViolationsN/ACIF in Progress
56622-May-97SWAN: Uplink SWA97052262N/AImplemented 22-May.
56722-May-97VIRGO: Enable Latch-Up Detectors.YImplemented 22-May.
56822-May-97EIT: Move SVM Reserved Time on 23-May.YImplemented 23-May
56923-May-97MDI: Continuous Operations 13-June to 13-JulyIn Effect 13-June through 13-July.
57028-May-97MDI: Extra VC2 on 30-MayYImplemented 30-May.
57129-May-97Sweep HGA for DSS-27 (DOY 149)N/AImplemented 29-May.
57230-May-97CELIAS: CTOF TestsYImplemented 31-May.
57330-May-97Sweep HGA for DSS-27 (DOY 150)N/AImplemented 30-May.
57431-May-97CELIAS: Run Command for CTOFYImplemented 31-May.
57531-May-97CELIAS: Put CTOF in Manual ModeYImplemented 31-May.

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