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OCD #DateTitle of OCDPass Plan Status
ReceivedU pdated
5762-Jun-97CELIAS: Finish reinstallation of CTOF recovery Level 1.YImplemented 2-June.
5772-Jun-97DSS-27: RCVR#1 Sweep (DOY 153)N/AImplemented 2-June.
5783-Jun-97MDI: Extra Hour of VC2YImplemented 3-June.
5794-Jun-97DSS-27: Sweep HGA/RCVR#1 (DOY155)N/AImplemented 4-June.
5804-Jun-97MDI: Yellow Delta Limit Change for M+75LTN/AProc MOCR'd. More Info Needed/Received 5-June.
5815-Jun-97DSS-27: Sweep HGA/RCVR#1(DOY 156)N/AImplemented 5-June.
5825-Jun-97LASCO: Change Delta Limit for LIPWA (Anomaly Report S97-0082)N/AProc MOCR'd.
5835-Jun-97CDS: Limit Triggerings Expected (DOY 156-160)N/AReal-Time Crews Notified.
5846-Jun-97DSS-27: Sweep HGA/RCVR#1 (DOY 157)N/AImplemented 6-June.
5857-Jun-97DSS-27: Sweep HGA/RCVR#1 (DOY 158)N/AImplemented 7-June.
5869-Jun-97DSS-27: Sweep HGA/RCVR#1 (DOY 160)YImplemented 9-June.
5879-Jun-97MDI: Extra VC2 for 9-Jun.YImplemented 9-June.
5889-Jun-97MDI: Run M_FL_DYNPAGEYImplemented 9-June.
5899-Jun-97MDI: Extra Hour of VC2 on 13-Jun.YImplemented 13-June.
59010-Jun-97DSS-27: Sweep HGA/RCVR#1 (DOY 161)YImplemented 10-June.
59111-Jun-97CDS: Change CTM29 LimitsN/AProc MOCR'd.
59212-Jun-97MDI: Additional VC2 on 164/0925-1000YImplemented earlier due to DSN constraint.
59313-Jun-97SSU: Update SEU Filter Threshold for ACU Patch 5NImplemented 13-June.
59414-Jun-97SWAN: Uplink Instructions for SWA970613131NImplemented 14-June.
59518-Jun-97CDS: CUVMCP Anomalous ConditionsN/AExp. Emergency Activities Binder Updated.
59618-Jun-97CDS: CTM29 Anomalous SituationN/AExp. Emergency Activities Binder Updated.
59719-Jun-97CDS: Change CIPWA Delta Red LimitN/AProc MOCR'd.
59820-Jun-97SUMER/CDS/LASCO: Submode Changes, Week 26YImplemented 23-Jun & 26-Jun.
59924-Jun-97LASCO: New Delta Limits for L+31 Voltage SupplyN/AProc MOCR'd.
60026-Jun-97MDI: Extra VC2 on 30-June and 1-JulyYImplemented 1-Jul.
60126-Jun-97CDS: GIS AlarmsN/AExp. Emergency Activities Binder will be Updated.
60228-Jun-97SWAN: Uplink Instructions for SWA970627181YImplemented 28-Jun.
60330-Jun-97MDI: Extra VC2 for DOY 182YImplemented 1-Jul.

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