To add a machine for telemetry or change defaults:

  • Type cd /home/ecs/ecs/ecs_config
  • Edit TLM_IWS_Master_File
  • Edit IWS_List
  • Make sure that the 2 files are in alphabetical order and thus match each other exactly (other than double entries in the TLM_IWS_Master_File due to more than one socked allowed).
  • A stoptlm, starttlm is neccessary when adding new machines, and should be scheduled during a gap to avoid data losses that Patty has to fix.
  • During the gap, when the telemetry bars on the display window have turned white, issue the stoptlm in a SOC window.
  • Issue the sock command in a SOC window to verify that telemetry is down.
  • A change in default status may take effect by itself during a gap when new IWS connections are established after files close and the bars on TLM go white.
  • To add a machine for commanding:

  • Edit CMD_IWS_Master_File - keep in alphabetical order and all of them get an N for default status

  • NOTE: When adding/deleting machines, do not edit the files until a stoptlm/starttlm is about to be done.

  • After verifying that telemetry is down, issue the starttlm in a SOC window.
  • Kill the IWS Telemetry Session Status window and bring it back up.
  • You should see the new workstation in the IWS Telemetry Session Status window (or, if not connected, it should be possible to select it for new connections).
  • If the machine is supposed to be connected by default and you don't see the new workstation connected at this point, there's a good chance the problem is on the receiving end. However, issue a chk_starttlm in a SOC window. You may see the new workstation listed here and whether it is connected or not. Inform the team who requested the new configuration, so they may trouble shoot their end.

    NOTE: Cynthia will have to edit /etc/hosts file if we want machines to show up with something other than their DNS name (e.g. the "eit_" machines).

    Location: /u/ecs/soc/info/add_machine_info.html