Campaign Information

  • To find information about a particular campaign, use the campaign search engine at
  • For all collaborations, make a campaign number in the campaign database, at

    NOTE: Future Major Flare Watch campaigns are given numbers #800X, depending on the previous major falre watch. Check the campaign list to assign the proper number.

  • If a campaign is modified by someone else, email is sent to soc to view and verify changes.

  • Enter new campaign numbers in both the database and the calendar.
  • To edit the calendar, ssh to spot, cd to public_html, then type: caledit text, caledit emacs or caledit vi. The short version from a soc window is to type: caleditt or caledite (caleditv doesn't work).

    Location: /u/ecs/soc/info/campaign_database_info.html