What CCB stuff is of interest to us (so we should have copies of them)?

In general, we have copies of instrument contingency scripts, spacecraft scripts and instrument TSTOLs, plus spacecraft TSTOLS that have direct consequences for instruments. For those products we have a copy/copies of, we must make sure that they are ALL! up to date. Below is a list of places we have copies:

Before CCB:

  • Approve (OK or N/A) each CR and get instrument input if needed
  • NOTE: We handle products differently depending on whether we [want to] have a copy of it (electronic or paper) or not.
  • During CCB:

  • For last minute new CRs, add them to the agenda list
  • Write "approved for ops on mm/dd/yy" on the CR itself and on the agenda
  • If we already have electronic copy of the changed product (limit data data base is an exception, but that doesn't usually go through CCB anyhow), ask to have it sent to us by the FOT. In order to reduce faxing, it's a good idea to ask for electronic copies of instrument scripts as well, so we can distribute by mail to remote [parts of] teams.

    After CCB meetings:

  • For things that are of interest to us, edit the following file: /ftp/tstol/modified.procs
  • Add each item at the end of the file and note whether it was updated, modified or created.
  • File the CRs in the current CCB binder
  • File the agendas (once completed) in the Agenda binder
  • When we get official copies of the product (electronic or paper):

  • Edit /ftp/tstol/modified.procs
  • If we have an electronic copy, write "have ecopy" next to the entry
  • If we have a paper copy, write "have pcopy" next to the entry
  • If we get an electronic copy of a document, we typically print it out so we also have a paper copy.
  • For Scripts:

    If scripts are emailed to us, we put a copy in /ftp/scripts. Then we print it out and put the official printed copy of all scripts in the Emergency Contact or Gyroless Scripts binder. Then we email any relevant scripts to the teams (if not electronic then fax it).

    For TSTOLs:

    NOTE: Copies of all instrument TSTOLs are in /ftp/tstol

    Whenever a new TSTOL is made or a current one is changed, we ask the FOT to email us a copy and we put it in that directory and mail it to the team if they want it. The file modified.procs has all procs and tstols modified by CCB since 25 January 2002 - edit this file after CCBs.

    NOTE: Wheneve CRs are taken care of or new CCB info comes in from the FOT, email soc@soc and let us know the new information.

    Location: /u/ecs/soc/info/ccb_info.html