To run chk_gaps:

  • In a SOC window type: chk_gaps
  • Check previous chk_gap pages to make sure that any past gaps that were recoverable have been received
  • Any data that we should have but don't, SOCs fill out a request form (forms are in the front of the QKL binder) and give to Patty
  • Weekly (on Monday), edit /ftp/plan_files/Tlmgap.plan to change the start date of the program

    NOTE: If the Tlmgap.plan file has been filled with "junk" like this:

    knowledge base "/ftp/plan_files/Tlmgap.kb" at 2005/03/14 00:00:00 duration 10d

    resource data "/tmp_logs/gaps.tmp"

    begin forcing scheduling

    schedule most constrained first

    schedule "/ftp/iws_files/input_actplan/UVC20050321000.IAPr"

    schedule "/ftp/iws_files/input_actplan/UVC20050322000.IAPr"

    schedule "/ftp/iws_files/input_actplan/UVC20050323000.IAPr"

    schedule "/ftp/iws_files/input_actplan/UVC20050314000.IAPr"

    NOTE: this happens because someone most likely has hit "Save" at some point.

    Delete all the schedule "/ftp/iws_files/..." lines (nothing else), and it should still work. Deleting some of the other lines might result in chk_gaps not working, with an error message "Invalid input."

  • NOTE: The SWAN OBT jumps every few months and you'll see a gap in their data. Check the files in /ftp/tlm_files/SWASC and verify the timing glitch by looking at the science data files. Email Patty, Luis, George and SWAN about the problem but take no action.

  • To run chk_gaps manually, type tlm_times - this takes a while, otherwise it runs in the early morning through a cronjob
  • NOTE: During Keyholes be sure to cross check the gap times with the DSN schedule and the Keyhole schedule online at or here to see which data set we are in (VGM, VGMF, VGMFL5, VGMFL6, etc) so all data gaps can be accounted for.

    NOTE: To see what is in the telemetry file, type tlmtool -f filename

    Location: /u/ecs/soc/info/chk_gaps_info.html