What information is in /home/ecs/ecs/ecs_config?

  • To access the file:


    FTP_Host_Master_File = list of passwords for pushing telemetry

    IWS_List = list of instrument machines, keep in alphabetical order

    TLM_IWS_Master_File = list of machines, socket types, and default status (D or N), keep in alphabetical order

    CMD_IWS_Master_File = list of machines that can command and default status (all N for no), keep in alphabetical order

    Instrument_Master_File = list of instruments for nrt sockets

    Mail_Addresses = what failure or info messages to mail to what addresses

    ECS_Data_Def_Setup = list of reports that machines get and where they go

    Archived_TLM_Def_Setup = list of machines to get QKL and REL files ftp'd

    CMS = tells what CMS we are on

    Config.cdhf = lists how the CDHF support on the s/w interface works

    Location: /u/ecs/soc/info/ecs_config_info.html