If the voice-box has communication problems and a reset is needed:

  • Before resetting, make sure you're not set up to speak on any circuit (touch whichever talk button is blinking at the moment, so it switches to steady on). This prevents a loud beep being transmitted on that circuit.

  • Refer to the keypad on the voice-box. Press in the (*) key and then the (1) key while holding the (*) key, then release the (*) key, but keep the (1) key pressed for about 10 seconds. You will notice the box going blank for a brief second during this procedure. This should reset the box.

  • After the reset, be sure to turn the volume back up using the arrow keys under the display window (second set of arrow keys from the right). Using the 3rd set of arrows (from the right), make sure the speaker is 'on'. Then do a voice check with FOT and instrument teams. If this procedure fails, inform the FOT in person of the problem.

    Loud Static/Beeping on a Channel:

  • If you un-listen on a channel because of loud static or beeping, leave a note on the voicebox so that the SOCs will retry to listen the next day.

    Channel Numbers:

    We should be listening on (minimum list):

  • NOTE: Channel 200 is an event information channel (reporting power failures, weather conditions, etc).

    Location: /u/ecs/soc/info/voicebox.html