20 August 2014 - Mission Day: 6837 - DOY: 232
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SOHO Coordinated Observations Calendar

This Calendar is used to track the coordinated observations of SOHO instruments and campaigns with other space-based and ground-based observatories.

Please send updates to: soc (at) esa.nascom.nasa.gov.

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NOTE: Listing of instruments below does not in itself imply commitment to a given observation — instruments must be contacted individually, and their level of commitment is most accurately reflected by their own calendars/pages (see e.g. TRACE link above)

Current Events — Last Update: May 27, 2014

All keyholes are on this website: Keyholes.txt


* Jan 06        Spacecraft Maneuvers and 180 Degree Roll

* Mar 24        Spacecraft Maneuvers and 180 Degree Roll

* June 23       Spacecraft Maneuvers and 180 Degree Roll

* Jul 28-Aug 8  SUMER-IRIS campaign

* End of Aug    End of CDS operations


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